Sonepar organizes many Group-wide training programs, but leaves ample room for responsible local initiative by subsidiaries, particularly when it comes to detecting young talent. In Spain, for example, the local subsidiary runs a program that includes scholarships, a module for student internships and assistance with finding jobs. The purpose of those actions is to develop synergies and emulation in the company, stimulate creativity and facilitate the sharing of experience between senior associates and young interns. Some participants claim that in that way, they get the best of both worlds.

From left to right: Encarna Sirvente, Alejandro Giner, Beatriz Urbina, Yolanda Agra and David Morales Godoy

With its ambitious “Building future” program, Sonepar Ibérica has set out to offer talented young people the opportunity to discover the business world, perhaps to embark on a career and help build the company’s future by bringing a fresh, open-minded outlook. And it works. Senior associates impart their know-how to students and give them a glimpse of a possible future with the Group. In return, they discover the new, different, even pioneering ideas that students and interns may put forward. The program has also changed the image that young people have of both the company and industrial activity.

David MORALES GODOY Head of Human Resources, Sonepar Ibérica, Spain

In our program, we access the fresh, open-minded outlook, the talent and the innovative ideas of future professionals. We offer them a path to the future and to employability through training. All this has resulted in unquestionably positive synergies at Sonepar Ibérica, enabling us to boost innovation, professionalization and growth in our challenging industry and markets.